Herbacin Spruce Gift Set

The Herbacin Spruce Gift-Set includes:

All time favorite #1: A survey has revealed that spruce (mountain pine) is Germany’s most popular bath fragrance. The essential oils of the mountain pine are said to have a soothing effect both on circulatory problems and chills during colds. The beneficial and revitalizing fragrance is absorbed via the skin and respiratory tract together, and is a factor in overall recovery.

  • for all skin types
  • relieves body aches and cold sensations
  • refreshes and invigorates
  • with valuable conifer oils
  • according to the findings of aromatherapy

All time favorite #2: Our hand cream classic, Herbacin kamille Hand Cream original with the proven triple action, nourishes and moisturizes hard-working hands and repairs the skin, making it feel noticeably softer and smoother without leaving a greasy film.

  • nourishing, soothing and protecting
  • absorbs quickly, without leaving a greasy film
  • one the most popular hand creams on the market
  • our SOS tip: overnight treatment in a cotton glove

New favorite: Small things can pack quite a punch, and our Herbacin kamille Intensive Moisture is no exception. Developed specifically for the requirements of particularly stressed areas of skin, this moisturizer offers perfect year-round protection. Why not just try it!